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Our residential and commercial strata management services have been trusted by our clients for over 55 years.

We provide a comprehensive range of strata management services to clients and properties from boutique residential to large commercial.

Our extensive experience combined with our knowledge of the latest strata management principles and dedication to attentive customer service are the foundations upon which we operate.

If you’re looking for a premium yet cost-effective strata management solution get in touch with us and experience the Coyle/Everett difference.

Strata management services

Accounting Services

  • Establish and maintain the trust account.
  • Issue levy notices.
  • Pay invoices on behalf of the Owners Corporation.
  • Provide accounts and records for audits – if required.
  • Provide statutory reconciled accounts.
  • Prepare Administrative Fund budget and arrange Capital Works Fund budget.
  • Manage Administrative and Capital Works Fund.


  • Prepare and distribute notices and minutes of Annual General Meetings.
  • Maintain strata roll and minute book.
  • Record and retain notices under section 258 and 259 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015.
  • Issue minutes of delegated performance.
  • Maintain common seal.
  • Attend to verbal, written and routine communications.
  • Store records in accordance with statutory requirements.

Repairs & Maintenance

  • Arrange building inspections and reports.
  • Arrange for appropriately qualifed contractors to undertake routine repairs and maintenance of the common property.
  • Obtain quotations for repair, maintenance and replacement of common property.
  • Liaise with tradesmen about work to be carried out on the Strata Scheme.
  • Arrange contracts pursuant to the Home Building Act 1989 (NSW) as amended.


  • Prepare and distribute notices and minutes of Annual General Meetings.
  • Attend Annual General Meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute notices and minutes of Extraordinary General Meetings.
  • Prepare and distribute notices and minutes of Strata Committee meetings.
  • Provide Coyle & Everett office as venue for meetings (cost of meeting attendance by Strata Manager to be borne by Owners Corporation)


  • Prepare and lodge routine insurance claims.
  • Arrange insurance valuation as required.
  • Obtain quotations for insurance renewal.
  • Renew insurance according to instructions.


  • Serve notices to comply with by-laws.
  • Preparation and lodgement of applications for mediation and adjudication.
  • Arranging drafting of by-laws, amendments to by-laws and/or by-law reviews.

Strata management resources

New Strata Management Services Quote

    Update Contact Details

      Address for Correspondence:


      Address for Levy Notices:


      Managing Agent's Details:

      Tenant(s) Details:

      Maintenance Request

      Important Note:

      Upon receipt of your maintenance request the appropriate contactor will be asked to contact your named site contact person within the next 24 hours.

      Note that the Owners Corporations are only responsible for maintenance of common property repairs. If in doubt please phone to clarify.

      For more detailed information on which area of your property is considered common property, and thus the responsibility of the owners corporation, download Strata Community Australia (NSW) Who’s Responsible Guide.

      Urgent jobs are to be phoned into our office between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. For after hours emergencies please contact the specialist emergency trades.

      Coyle/Everett shall not be held responsible in the event that this request is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

      All repairs must be reported by either the Owner or Owners Real Estate Agent, our Office will not accept maintenance requests directly from Tenants.

        Contact Details:

        OwnerReal Estate Agent

        Property Details:

        Maintenance Details:

        Order Key or Access Device

        Access devices such as keys, fobs and remote controls can be ordered through our office.

        Please note that a deposit or payment (variable based on your building’s instructions) may be required in addition to an administration fee of $27.50. Complete the form below and attach the necessary supporting documentation.

        Any request for a key or access device must be made by the Unit/Lot Owner or Owners Real Estate Agent, our Office will not accept requests directly from Tenants.

          OwnerReal Estate Agent

          Main Entrance Door KeySwipe CardFobRemote

          Strata Levy Payments

          Refer to Macquarie DEFT

          Book a Strata Search

          Strata search bookings can be made up to 4pm the day before the search date (subject to availability). An email will be sent to confirm your booking.

          Search fees are $34.10, please use the exact cash amount, or a Business Cheque for payment.

          Note: Private searchers will require written authority by the owner or agent prior to search being booked.

            Request Certificate of Currency

            To request an insurance certificate of currency, complete the form below and we will issue a certificate within 48 hours.

              Section 184 Certificate

              A certificate issued under section 184 of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 can be ordered using the form below.

              A Section 184 Certificate gives the information about the strata scheme including:

              • The names and addresses of the strata committee members, the strata managing agent and building manager (if applicable)
              • The levies to be paid by the owners
              • Any outstanding levies
              • The address where the records and financial statements can be viewed
              • Any special by-laws made by the owners corporation in the past 6 months
              • Building insurance policies
              • The proposals for funding matters set out in the 10 year capital works fund plan
              • Whether or not a strata renewal committee has been established

              Statutory fees apply for the provision of these certificates.

              Section 184 –  $119.90 incl GST per lot and $59.95 incl GST per utility lot.

              Payment must be made to the office of Coyle/Everett before a certificate will be issued.

              Payment must be made by either Cheque or Money Order and made payable to “OWNERS CORPORATION STRATA PLAN #” and posted to P.O. Box 7044 BONDI BEACH NSW 2026.

              Upon receipt of request and payment, the certificate will be issued within 14 days and will be issued to your nominated email address.


                Below are the forms that our Office suggest that you use to assist you in your Strata Scheme. If you have any questions please contact us.

                Strata Title Proxy Form & Company Nominee – CERE Strata Title Proxy Form with Company Nominee – Template

                Strata Committee Nomination Form – CERE Committee Nomination Form – Template

                Emergency Trades List

                Type-primary Name Telephone
                Electrician ELECTECH ELECTRICAL SERVICES 8064 5353
                Electrician PAUL MEYER 0412 214 737
                Electrician DELL ELECTRICS 0418 204 864
                Electricity Supplier AUSGRID 131 535
                Handyman P & K CALLEJA 0428 416 968
                Handyman H & R REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE P/L 0410 579 800
                Lawns/Garden/Rubbish Removal DARYL LLOYD SERVICES 0418 166 719
                Plumber – Repairs/Drains/Sewers TREAT PLUMBING 0404 313 297 / 0405 176 879
                Plumber – Minor Repairs JONATHON MCKAY 0438 601 457
                Plumber – Drains/Sewer ANDREW MILNE 0404 116 690
                Water Supplier SYDNEY WATER 132 092
                Gas AGL 131 606
                Glass BONDI GLASS SERVICE 9337 5593


                Complaints Management Process

                Download our Complaint Handling Policy – CERE Complaint Handling Policy